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Introducing: Arksong

Nathan Hawthorne, 31 May 2014


My first MCM Comic con as a dealer saw me introduce to the world my new comic project, Arksong. It has been in the works for some years now and its great to finally be able to share it.

For more information on how Arksong started and some plans for the future, check out the my blog post about it here.

Watch me work and answer your questions!

Nathan Hawthorne, 3 May 2014


As part of my work for the I AM Degree Show, I will be livestreaming once a week this month starting tomorrow!


Check for more details on my Blog.

I AM Artists Kickstarter is live!

Nathan Hawthorne March 2014


As You may or may not know, I'm part of a collective of Artists called I AM Artists. Everyone's working hard at the I AM headquarters in Medway, Kent, trying to make the best exhibition we can for all our visitors.


To help us make the show as amazing as we can and include the art loving community in the creation of our work, we set up a Kickstarter! Every pound counts so even if you can only donate a pound it will be a great use. And did I mention there's really great perks to donating such as limited edition prints as well?


Check it out:

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